San Marcos, Ca.

Brandi and Phillip


  • A complimentary one hour in-person meeting to discuss your vision and preferences for your wedding ceremony
  • Assistance with creating a personalized ceremony that is uniquely yours
  • Discuss the options of incorporating special ceremonies or family rituals that can add meaning and sacredness to your wedding ceremony
  • Can provide an extensive list of suggested readings and wedding poems
  • A large selection of wedding vows to choose from, or you may decide to create your own
  • Additional meetings or phone conversations will be scheduled as needed to review your ceremony design and contents, and to answer any questions or concerns you might have
  • Facilitate the wedding rehearsal (included in fee). Preferably the rehearsal is held during the week of the wedding. If prior arrangements are made, the rehearsal will be held at the ceremony venue or it can also be conducted anywhere that is convenient for you. If at all possible, it is best for all members of the wedding party to attend the rehearsal.
  • A hard copy of the Public Marriage License Application form will be provided to fill out in the convenience of your home. (A Confidential Marriage License Application form is also available online.)
  • If you obtained your license from the San Diego County Clerk’s Office, it will be hand delivered on the following business day to be recorded (included in fee).
  • A beautiful wedding certificate enclosed in a black and gold ceremony folder along with a bound hard copy of your ceremony is provided as a keepsake
  • A calm, warm, professional and heartfelt presence to support you both on your wedding day
  • Arrival at your ceremony 1 to 1-1/2 half hours before it begins to meet with your vendors (DJ or Band leader/manager, wedding coordinator, etc.)
  • Help coordinate the lineup of the wedding party for their entrance before the processional begins